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Andriod VS iOS

People are always looking forward to buying the latest new phones. Nowadays, there are two different mobile operating systems that combined, pretty much has a monopoly over the market. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Pros of iOS and Apple Phones compared to Android:

  • Apple and iOS Security

  • User friendly interface and more intuitive than Android

  • iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches and Airpods go together

  • Resell Value is still fairly high

  • Updates are up to you

  • Apple Pay

  • Family sharing on iPhone can save money

  • Accessibilities on the iPhone

  • Best support

Cons of iOS and Apple Phones compared to Android:

  • Lack of customization

  • Only 40 languages compared to over 100 in Android devices

  • More apps on Android, 2.5 million, compared to the 1.8 million on Apple

  • Alternative App Stores instead of only the App Store on iOS devices, and it needs to be jailbroken to download from other sources on Apple

  • File manager on Android, bad Files App on Apple

  • Some Androids have headphone jack

  • More choice in Android

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Keep in mind that switching from one mobile operating system to another can end you up with buying apps again, and transferring files or accounts sometimes is really a pain in the butt.

Apple has a better ecosystem, which means most if not all of the Apple products go together, if you have a iPhone, then an Apple Watch will come in handy, if you have a Macbook, then an iPad will keep you busy. Even though some specific Android producers such as Samsung and Google also has their own ecosystem, it is not as complete or in a way, satisfying than the Apple system.

iPhone App Library Interface

If you’re buying an iPhone, then you might want to investigate in a Macbook or Apple Watch, to unlock more of its potential, if you want to go a step further, then you’ve got to buy all of the Apple products, which, will cost a ton adding the prices all up.

Some people, though, pick at the little things, for example, the Apple iMessages sends a blue message bubble to iPhone users, and sends a green color to someone else using an Android phone. Or if you only prefer Facetime, instead of any other communication app, then you might want to get an iPhone.

Android Customization

There’s another big difference between Android and iOS, and that is the hardware, there are so many producers out there that make Android phones, but there’s only one iOS producer, Apple. Don’t get me wrong, they really are the best of their brand. On the other hand, Android, similar to Microsoft’s Windows OS, can be heavily customized. There is just so much more choice on Android over Apple.

prioritize this over some other features, then Android might be a great choice, because of it’s

Though if you’re a person who likes to have more of a variety of apps/tools to work with, and wide variety of apps, a nice file manager to organize everything with it.

On interface and usability, I would say is a tie, because Apple has a much better user friendly interface, with big comfy icons, compared to Android, but the tie comes to Android having heavy customization, you can almost customize it to literally anything you want, on the other hand iOS devices only have a single skin.

Android’s Cameras, App Ecosystem, Voice Assistant, Parental Controls, Gaming and VR, are pretty much also tied with Apple. Though there is a point where Apple stands out far above others, on macOS and iOS, and that’s the security and privacy features of Apple. Some people ague that Apple has a lesser range of available apps, and that could decrease the chances of viruses and malware. But iOS can have the ability to tell apps your approximate location, not exact location, which could protect against spyware. Even though Android has been focusing on privacy and security, Apple has outplayed them by a fair bit.

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Those were the features of iOS and Android, pros of Android compared to iOS is just the cons of Apple Phones compared to Android. Overall, there isn’t one that is just better, it’s about what features that you need, the features you prefer over the others that make one better than the other.


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