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Student Television Network, or STN, is a national broadcast competition that takes place in various locations around the US. This competition is a good experience for many students as it allows them to immerse themselves a bit deeper into the media field and learn more about the work of real news reporters and anchors. The students also get to develop better social skills as they are traveling to a new state in the US and will have the opportunity to experience interacting with other students outside of California with similar interests and goals while also getting to experience new cities and discovering more about their own work ethic (and how to improve it), as well as being able to work under pressure and stress. During the event, students are welcomed to attend workshops that they have chosen which can focus more on their personal interests related to media. The workshops are taught by experts in their field so it really is a good chance for students to ask more questions and receive answers that you can't just find on google. And of course, the students will be competing in several different categories ranging from creating a music video to making a silent film, or even a weather report or full news report. There are several different categories that will each be tons of fun and informative during the whole process. In conclusion, STN is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about media and helps to grow young minds into branching out to learn new skills they can't obtain in a regular classroom. 


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