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Our policy on making sure we bring the news with honest and unbiased views..

PAUSD Broadcast Code of Ethics


Educator's Responsibility

  • Model standards of professional journalistic conduct.

  • Empower students to make decisions of style, structure, and content by creating a learning atmosphere where students will actively practice critical thinking and decision-making.

  • Encourage students to seek divergent points of view and to explore a variety of information sources in their decision-making.

  • Support and defend a free, robust, and active forum for student expression without prior review or restraint.

  • Emphasize the importance of accuracy, balance, and clarity in all aspects of news gathering and reporting.

  • Show trust in students as they carry out their responsibilities by encouraging and supporting them in a caring, learning environment.

  • Remain informed on press rights and responsibilities across media platforms.

  • Advise and mentor, rather than act as censor or decision-maker.

  • Display professional and personal integrity in situations that might be construed as potential conflicts of interest.

  • Support free expression for others in local and larger communities.

  • Model traits of a life-long learner through continuous professional development in media education along with membership and involvement in professional media organizations.

  • Champion inclusion so that all students not only see themselves and their ideas represented but also see themselves as able to contribute to and to lead student-determined media.

  • Foster cooperation and open communication with administrators and other stakeholders while students exercise their First Amendment rights.

  • Encourage journalistically responsible use of social media in schools and educate students, school officials, and the community to its value. Educate students about the ramifications of its misuse.

Seek Truth and Report It.

Student journalists should search for the truth.

Student Journalists should:

  • Be accurate in reporting information.

  • Make every effort to avoid distortion of information.

  • Identify sources of information as accurately as possible. 

  • Be objective in reporting both sides of a story.

  • Avoid stereotyping.

  • Never plagiarize.

Minimize Harm.

Student journalists should value news subjects and news as topics and people who deserve respect.

Student Journalists should:

  • Be compassionate when covering stories that may be painful to subjects.

  • Be sensitive to those in grief or affected by tragedy.

  • Be cautious and aware of the law in identifying minors involved in crime or victims of crime.

  • Recognize the privacy of individuals.

  • Avoid reporting that is libelous or slanderous. 

  • Avoid reporting that may endanger students or school personnel.

  • Show good taste in reporting, avoiding vulgarity or obscenity.

Act Independently.

Student Journalists should aspire at all times to fulfill their obligation to their audience and the public and maintain their independence of any attempts to obstruct or hinder these efforts.

Student Journalists should:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose any unavoidable conflicts.

  • Hold those in power accountable.

  • Resist pressure from individuals or groups to influence coverage.

  • Seek to maintain the integrity and credibility of themselves and the organizations they represent.

Be Accountable.

Student Journalists are accountable to their audience and to their peers.

Student Journalists should:

  • Understand they are a supervised group, just as their counterparts in the business world are.

  • Seek and encourage open dialogue with the public about their coverage and conduct.

  • Admit and correct any mistakes, promptly and publicly.

  • Follow the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.


CTE Broadcast Committee:
Julia Lee (JL Stanford Middle School)

Jedd Bloom (Greene Middle School)
Edward Corpuz (Gunn High School)
Katie Ratterman (Fletcher Middle School)
Rodney Satterthwaite (Palo Alto High School). 

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