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What is PTSD?

Article by: Teodor K.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a mental illness that affects over 8 million Americans, or 3.5% of the US population. It’s an illness that leaves people in severe shock.

PTSD is most commonly caused by certain traumatic events that can affect a person mentaly. These events can be shell shock such as in war, seeing death, loss of a loved one, physical or sexual abuse, disasters, or any other incident. The most common cause of PTSD is in combat situations, like war. Many soldiers can become shell-shocked from the blasts of weapons on the battlefield.

Symptoms of PTSD can include not sleeping or eating, flashbacks, dreams, or just physical stress. The most common way people get treated for PTSD is by going to therapy. Therapists can help talk to you and give you tips on how to deal with the causes better, and to build back your confidence.

Not all PTSD can be bad. Some incidents may just lead people to change their mood but it doesn’t mean that their symptoms will get worse. PTSD is never permanent unless ignored and untreated.

It’s important to learn about PTSD as you might be around somebody who has it one day. You should remember to be calm around them, and not give them a hard time as they are experiencing traumatic events that have occurred in their life.

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