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What is OCD?

Article by: Jason Hu

What is OCD?

OCD, otherwise known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, is a long lasting common disorder in which a person has recurring thoughts and behaviors that he, she, or they feel the urge to repeat an action over and over. Experts estimate that 1-3% of the U.S population has OCD and 1 in every 200 people suffer from the symptoms.

How does one get OCD?

People who have experienced abuse or in childhood have an increased chance of developing OCD. Studies have shown that if people have a parent or sibling who has OCD, they have a higher chance of developing OCD themselves. The risk is even higher if the first-degree relative has developed OCD in their adolescence.

Symptoms of OCD

Common symptoms may include having things in perfect order, fear of germs, and aggression towards self or others. Common actions that patients with OCD include excessive cleaning, ordering things in perfect order, and repetitive checking. OCD Symptoms can get better or get worse over time. If you believe someone has OCD, ask your doctor about the symptoms.

Ways you can help someone with OCD

First things that could help people with OCD is encouraging them to seek therapy and treatment. Create a positive relationship with them and always support people with OCD; supporting them is crucial.


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