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Article by: Rahil Menon

It takes time to learn. Always. No matter if it’s math, basketball, or even just an online resource, used for people to check grades. In the beginning, we thought it was a good idea to interview teachers and students about how to navigate through Schoology, a similar website stated above. Schoology was a tough resource for beginners, and maybe even for faculty sometimes.

As I was growing up, I myself had to take a few weeks to learn how to use it, and even then, I was faulty throughout the beginning of sixth grade. Many said that it was a tough resource to use, even through the eyes of faculty. Out of the many people that we asked, one person seemed to have the most accurate representation.

Mr. Tomatis, an eighth grade American History teacher says, “I’m guessing for the most part, [for incoming sixth graders], there would be a learning curve; however, throughout the years, sixth, seventh, and eventually when they come see me, students seem to navigate through Schoology pretty well.” Mr. Tomatis clearly states that in the beginning there would be a “learning curve” for most sixth graders. Navigation through Schoology is pretty straightforward: notifications on the bell logo, and messages in the envelope logo, and most important, on the upcoming tab you can see upcoming and missing/overdue assignments. You can check your grades on the tab which says “grades” and check your courses in the tab which says “courses”. Schoology is not a tough website, as long as you use it frequently and put a lot of effort into your work; having the ability and time to check your work, having the courage to write an email to teachers about questions, will have you ready for a great year.

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