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Lucid Motors Air Grand Release

By: Oliver Reid

Tesla has become one of the most profitable companies in the world. Its innovative electric cars are not only slick and stylish but extremely beneficial to the environment. Whenever a company sells a useful and original product, it is almost certain that other companies will expand on it. That is exactly what Lucid Motors has just done on Tuesday April 12th, by releasing an all-electric Sedan.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance, is the name of this new environmentally friendly car. The automobile will have a market cost of $179,000, can be charged to 446 miles, and the reported max speed is 168 mph. A competing car brand, the Tesla model x, has a market price of $114,000, can be charged to 469 miles, and has a max speed of 200 mph. Though the two EV's have traits both superior and inferior to each other, it will be extremely difficult for Lucid Motors to surpass the company income of Tesla, and it seems it will not happen considering the colossal company value of Tesla. More benefits of the Lucid Air car model include its 2.6 second acceleration from 0 - 60, and it's 1050 horsepower. The vehicle also has 446 mile range and 21 inch wheels. This year there are an estimated 60 EV's debuting, and most of which are SUVs, that alone makes this sedan one to appreciate. With all of the Lucid car’s incredible specs, this electric conveyance will certainly be one of the highlight product releases of the year.

While the two brands are competing from a profitability standpoint, they are teaming up on a much more important cause, protecting the environment. The two organizations are playing a massive role in fighting air pollution and reducing use of nonrenewable energy. In the United States three quarters of our carbon emissions are from fossil fuels. The more common electric cars become, the more we can protect our environment.

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