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Living with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that hinders the body’s ability to create insulin. Diabetes is endured by 415 million people around the world, including JLS student Kamran Flemish, who is a 13 year old boy who suffers from the bitter effects of type 1 diabetes, such as blurry vision and fatigue. Though the symptoms of diabetes may be very unpleasant, some of the inconvenient precautions Kamran needs to take in order to stay healthy may also be irritating at times. Kamran says:

“It's made it a lot harder given that I have to take insulin with food that I eat, which can be a hassle when my blood sugar is high and I wanna eat but I have to do extra insulin to correct and bring my glucose down. It can be very stressful when I have to bring food and insulin everywhere in case my blood sugar goes low or my blood sugar goes high, but there have been a lot of major advancements in the clinical diabetes field such as medical devices that can deliver insulin and correct for lows and highs at the same time.”

Glucose Inconveniences and symptoms of diabetes are not the only of Kamrans worries, he states:

“I have to be more cautious doing things because of medical devices getting in the way of activities, for example when I sit down I have to find a place to put my insulin pump so it does not fall out of my pocket.”

Kamran’s insulin pump

Diabetes can be a very large hassle for those who have it, but diabetics are not the only people affected by the disease. Renee Flemish (Mother of Kamran Flemish) says:

“Restaurants can sneak in a lot of sugar and cornstarch and fats that can wreak havoc. So, as a parent of kids both with and without diabetes, I opt for the non-mystery foods. We enjoy making them together.”

While diabetes is a possible nuisance for some, the Flemish family is on top of the issue.

“It’s also pretty convenient that our family loves to cook, because that makes it much easier to enjoy a variety of yummy foods while knowing for sure what Kam (and fam) are putting into our systems.”

This disease may prevent some from living life to the fullest, the Flemish family has made sure that Kamran can participate in standard activities and do anything that any other thirteen year old boy would be able to do without diabetes.

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