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JLS Science Fair Wiz!

Article by: Nathan K.

It is hard to do the JLS science fair. Even harder to participate in the county science fair. But Julian Schultz, an JLS 8th grader, got into the top 300 students in the nation for his project on wildfires. Julian got into the county science fair for creating a project on wildfires. He got first place in his category and won 50 dollars. Then his project moved onto state level, where he went to southern California to compete against other great California young scientists and judged by great scientists. He placed in his age group and got in the top 300 students in the country. His project was testing if clothing was “effective as a particulate filter.I was inspired when I saw people covering their faces with clothing during the wildfires last year. I wanted to test if this really worked.”

Julian experimented 8 different common types of clothing and tested whether they protected your lungs during a wildfire or heavily polluted air.

It is a great experience to compete in the science fair. “It really pushes you to do good science.” As you can see, the county science fair is a hard, but fun experience.

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