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JLS Music Programs

Reported by: Rheann K.

Article by: Fiona L.

The JLS Jazz Bands are after school bands where music in the genre of jazz is played by students who would like to experience a different feel from the traditional concert music in band.

There are two Jazz Bands of different levels to accommodate the different skill levels of members. Jazz Band A is for more advanced players of jazz, and Jazz Band B is to give less experienced students an easier, but just as fun selection of music. Jazz Band placements are determined by audition at the beginning of the year.

Not only are the usual band instruments welcome, instruments seen in a typical jazz ensemble’s rhythm section are encouraged to join. Mr. McGinn, a Jazz Band director, says that, “..piano player, boy we really need you guys....So piano players and guitars are always welcome to talk to us about joining jazz band”.

Jazz Band will perform in two concerts this school year, the Winter Concert on December 4, and the Spring Concert on May 18. “We’ve done some sneak performances at lunch sometimes too.” hints Miss Billin, another Jazz Band director.

Jazz Band is a wonderful place for students to play and enjoy music together, and is open to everyone to audition for and have a chance to join.

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