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JLS Halloween

Reported by: Ethan C.

Article by: Adam H.

Halloween is a fun holiday where kids and adults can dress up and go from house to house to get candy, which is called trick-or-treating. Halloween is very exciting for students here at JLS because they can hang out with friends and dress up in unique and creative costumes. Did you know that Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween? Some people dress up and go trick or treating in groups with friends or by themselves to try to collect as much candy as possible.

Adam and I wanted to find out what students do on Halloween, so we interviewed many students. Many of the interviewees went trick or treating with friends to celebrate Halloween. Sangeet, a JLS student who dressed up as a character from Naruto, says, “I went trick or treating, and set up decorations at my house. It was pretty fun.” Many of the students we interviewed had similar experiences. It seems that even in middle school, many students still go trick or treating and have a great time.

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