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JLS Crested Gecko Breeder

Reported by: Timon A.

Article by: Adam H.

Crested geckos are a species of geckos that are easily identifiable by their prehensile tail, wide head, and crest running down the perimeter of their body. They are adorable pets, but require a lot of care and attention. Despite them being active at night, crested geckos do not make a lot of noise, making them great pets. They enjoy jumping around from leaf to leaf and hunting down crickets and roaches. Each crested gecko has its own personality, and will recognize their owner. Most crested geckos will end up dropping their tail at one point.

Kristy R., an eighth grader at JLS, breeds crested geckos. “Before I knew you weren’t supposed to, I put all three of my geckos together,” says Kristy, who got into the gecko breeding business by accident. “and before I knew it, all my females were laying eggs, and I didn’t really know that my boy was a boy.” Kristy sells her geckos for twenty dollars per gecko.

If you want to own one of these great pets, first get consent of your parents, and then contact Kristy for more information.

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