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Cell Model Fair

Reported by: Nathan K.

Article by: Sophie R.

The JLS cell fair is an annual event where 7th graders who’ve been studying cells and the organelles inside them can demonstrate their knowledge and exhibit their models. Students can model a plant or animal cell, but some decided to make others such as blood cells. In addition, they can use a variety of materials to create this model. One 7th grader used candies to represent cell organelles, with a folded-up fruit roll up to as the rough endoplasmic reticulum. Another student used red beads and white string to represent blood cells in a blood vessel.

Instead of simply modeling a cell, connections students create analogies where they compare a cell to another object. For example, they compared cells to jail, hospital, and more using legos and cardboard, respectively. The cell fair is a great JLS tradition that helps students unleash their creative abilities while learning about cells in science.

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