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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AWS)

Article by: Roni K.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AWS) is a mental disorder where the person has tiny periods of distortion and distorted moments. An estimated 750,000,000 have this illness (about one in ten people).

This illness was discovered in 1955 by the english psychiatrist named John Todd where he explained it felt like his entire body felt like it was being turned into different shapes and sizes.

This illness is only temporary as it normally affects younger people and seems to disappear when they get older. People can experience furniture moving farther or closer to/from them and they can feel like they are getting bigger or smaller, and time can feel like its moving faster or slower. It mainly affects three senses. Touch, sight, and hearing, it can also make you lose control of some limbs.

Doctors aren't sure how this illness is caused. More than half of the 50% of people diagnosed with AWS don't have a cause for this illness. Others have had it because of migraines, cough syrup, brain tumors, and more.

There isn't really any way to help people with this illness. You can try to calm people with AWS and if they have a history of migraines then recommend them taking migraine treatments to hopefully get rid of the illness.

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