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2019 Back to School Pizza Dinner

Back to School Pizza Dinner

By: Sophie R.

Every year, JLS Middle School hosts a back to school pizza dinner for new and returning students, as well as their family and friends. This year, the pizza dinner was held on August 28th at the JLS cafetorium from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Students can choose from 3 types of pizza: cheese, pepperoni, and combo. They can also enjoy salad and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

This event is totally free and sponsored by the PTA, which stands for the Parent Teacher Association. The PTA is an organization that advocates for students across the United States, raising money from donations to fund events and provide school support.

The pizza dinner is also an enjoyable way for students to get together and be excited for the new school year. Janet Owens, the PTA vice president of events, states that the event is “a really fun, totally free event where our families can come and get to know each other”. There are many ways JLS students can socialize at the pizza dinner, like having conversations, biking, skateboarding, playing basketball together, and more. Owens goes on to say, “It’s just a great community event; [a great] back to school time for us to be together”.

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